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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Likes & Dislikes for May 2018

Tit bits I come across in May....will be updated

A tale of two Raaaaaaaaaacisms

They fired Rosanne Barr 
for not comparing President Donald Trump 
to an Orangutan



This twitter message from the Austrian Vice Chancellor reads: 

Border protection is homeland protection
That is the commitment of this Federal government! 

signed :

Heinz Christian Strache
Vice Chancellor
Federal Party Chairman of the FPÖ

Stop the illegal #Migration!

This one comes with a "Language Warning" and reminds me of the quote by the French Poet Alfred de Musset

 "Qu'importe le Flaçon,
pourvu qu'on ait l'ivresse..." 

I will translate this very loosely with just a touch of literary pretence :) 

What matters the jug 
if its  content exalts you. 

Their message is clear. pic.twitter.com/j1EojzI4jz

Hear below a spokes "person"  of the Religion-of-Peace-and-Tolerance of which the resident "expert on islam" at the Australian National Broadcaster whose main "News" source is Al Jazeera, the ABC, calls "the most feminist of all religions"

A few points I ponder:
a) is his funny hat a sign of islamic "authority" ?
b) Does his "devil" only have 1 eye ?... come to think of it, he speaks about 3 people in the car and 3 eyes, doing the maths I wonder: does that mean that the oxygen-sharing couple do also have only 1 eye each? 

Translation of this tweet from Beatrix von Storch, deputy leader of the AfD and, incidentally:  a REAL princess, but, unlike some of her vulgar detractors who will call her a Nazi-slut (yes they do !!!) etc., she does have a wicked sense of humour which comes with intelligence. 

She writes;

I confess: a large poster of Karl Marx used to hang in my children's room: 

"Proletarians of all countries....... Forgive me"


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