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Friday, 15 August 2014

Palestinian Leader: "Hamas is killing my people"

Jordanian Palestinian leader Mudar Zahran: 

Hamas is killing my people; 

Jordan oppresses Palestinians; 

leftists are wrong; 

Gazans are against Hamas; 

Hamas defenders just hate Jews !

Hamas fires from exactly where the civilians are because they know the Israelis won't shoot... If Israel wanted to kill all of Gaza, they could do it in 15 minutes. All we have is 2,000 innocent civilians killed because of Hamas' recklessness.

Hamas is just another terrorist group terrorizing MY people. 


Update 26. October 2014:
Strange thing happened: this video above disappeared some time ago with the comment you can see above. Then today it reappeared on the excellent vladtepesblog, so here it is again:


Hamas has to be stopped. 

MY people are suffering. 

My people are BLEEDING. 


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