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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Tommy Robinson at Oxford

This video which I found via Vlad is nearly 1-1/4 hour long but every spell-binding minute of it is worth listening to. 

The victims of cowardly politicians, Lawyers, Police  and the  Media  who not only enable, but promote Islam and what is done in its name are the Old, the Young, the Children, the Jews, the Christians, the Gays, the Everybodies of Tommy Robinson's town, his country, the whole West. 

Message to you, you nasty wing clippers and sneerers: 

none of you would even come up to Tommy Robinson's ankles, and if you had a ladder as high as Jacob's. It takes someone  a thousand times your morally puny sizes to resist evil for so long and still be standing, and yes,  those who knocked him down again and again and continue to do so are   e-v-i-l   in my not so humble opinion. 

Tommy Robinson, You are a Hero!


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  1. Tommy Robinson voices empirical fact in opposition to the nonsense of politically correct poison!