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Monday, 19 June 2017

What have the Jews ever done to YOU ? !

In April this year, in the middle of the Presidential Election campaign, a Muslim threw Sarah Halimi,  a little 65 y.o. Jewish lady out of the window of her 3rd floor Paris apartment to the shouts of Allah-U-Akbar. 

He had tortured her  for more than an hour, according to witness reports, her neighbours heard her screams, and the police who had been called to the building were doing "nothing" but  "waiting" for the riot police. The quarter in which that happened, Belleville  is very close to the centre of Paris and used to be a vibrant centre with many of its residents being of Jewish background until about 10 years ago, when communities of Arabo/Sub-Saharan Muslims moved in. Sarah Halimi, a doctor, had been living in this flat for 30 years. She and her daughter had been insulted by the family of the Muslim killer as "dirty Jews" etc. They even have a word in France  for throwing someone out of a window to kill him/her: 


Semantics aside, one could expect that such a barbaric act would be "big" news.  YET....this murder was given the totally silent treatment by   the media and the only politician accusing this anti-Semitic murder was Marine Le Pen.  In Germany we have a word for this media device:  "totschweigen" - kill it with silence. 

Whether this media- and political silencing was caused by anti-Semitism, Islamophilia or electoral strategy, I don't know, although I would tip the two latter ones. 

I will get back to the murder of Sarah Halimi (no relation to ILAN Halimi other than they were both Jewish) in more detail, but I wanted to give you this quick run-down because the islamist murder of Sarah Halimi was the catalyst to the discussion in the video below. 

The program from which I have extracted this video is called "On n'est pas Couché" (ONPC). It's one of the most popular late Saturday Night TV shows with some pretence towards "intelligence", it runs until way past midnight and  - as all other "popular" entertainment programs -  it too has become pretentiously "leftist", the default position of the non-thinking herd. However, I must say, I was rather impressed by the exchange: 

What, indeed, have the Jews ever done to you ? 

And before I pass to what my friend Vlad calls my "gimmick", ie the piece of music, I would like to shake the protagonists and ask them: Why don't you dare mentioning, let alone name the beast in the room ! ? Neither the journalists, nor  the Jewish Actor, who had a sympathetic platform  for once, mentioned the source of this new Jew Hatred. "Islam" seems to have become a sacred cow, and like a nice little conformist, he  talks about the softer targets like Catholics, and Spanish Inquisition and Wotnot. Arrrrrrghhhhhh !!!!!

//end of rant mode//

I have but two things in common with the following  poet and song-man: 

I'm not Jewish, I'm not a poet, I'm not a singer,  I'm not good at my guitar,  I have not received a Nobel Price...


I am a "Gemini" and I'm on the side of Israel, just like  Robert Zimmermann whom you might know under the name of Bob Dylan: 

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