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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Merkel attacks while AfD defends Israel & Jews

Vlad, when posting  the two videos below introduced them like so: 

"Oz-Rita brings us a singular juxtaposition of two videos, showing the diverse attitudes towards Jews by the ruling Merkel party in Germany, (The CDU) and the AfD, who post-modernists insist are Nazis when,  in fact, it is  the Post-Modernists who share their root philosophy with the Nazis.".

Being very angry at what Merkel has done to my old country, my approach will have more ad hominem undertones. Here you will see two German women politicians, one with class and one without. 

Lets start with the "classy" one. An aristocratic pedigree does not automatically assure you class, but Beatrix von Storch as plenty of both. She is porte-parole of- and represents her party, the "Alternative für Deutschland" (AfD) in the EU parliament. The AfD is a much maligned, relatively new, conservative and patriotic party and with quite a few people like Beatrix von Storch in their ranks,  they offer a real alternative and the only hope I see for Germany at the moment. 


And then we have Angela Merkel, erstwhile 'girlfriend' of Adolf Erdogan, then of Obama, now cougar to Emmanuel Macron - politically speaking of course. In the video below she confirms her bad taste in men by not only snuggling up to  Abbas, but by betraying Israel and so the Jewish people.  

The second part of this video (in Arabic) is not yet translated/subtitled, however, Abbas mentions the word "Apartheid" which I think might be an indication of what he has to say. 

Merkel seems to have acquired an anti-Israel perspective - a concession to her (new) masters, whoever they are ?

And last: Did she really say: 

"...I have said again and again that the settlements in the occupied territories are a violation of international law..." ? 

Yes she did !


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