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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Germans Homeless in Merkel's Germany

Angela Merkel  describes those whom I regard as "real"  Germans merely  as "those who have lived here longer" but considers her newly, illegally imported "guests" as "those who joined recently", and who, according to her, are just as German as "those-who-have-lived-here-longer"

Merkel calls the Germans:
"Those who have lived here longer" 

"This statement is a mockery of the Sovereign who elected her and whom she intends to do away with..." writes Michael Mannheimer, a blogger and writer and certainly  a thorn in the eyes of Merkel who seems to have a Stasi-like grip on Free Speech and the number of  information crumbs  the Volk is allowed to access.  I understand they have tried to silence Mr. Mannheimer already several times but, like a modern-day Socrates this "gadfly" is hanging in there. 

Merkel juxtaposed her description of Germans to that she has chosen for her personal 1.5 million migrants (so far) as "die, die neu dazugekommen sind" (those, who joined up recently). 

Mannheimer's Article (in German) published late last year, is well worth reading. 

So, Germans are rich, yes ? Well here is a video that shows you some of those Germans that Merkel dismisses as "those who have lived here a little longer".

Its source is the Deutsche Welle, a State Media,  hence of a clear conformist left bent and  regime-promoting. But here they really did a surprisingly good job  with an objectivity you normally don't find among their propagandist pieces. Not even one Merkel-Refugee in sight. Perhaps the reason for that is that Merkel-Refugees are not homeless in Merkel's Germany, unlike those "who have lived there longer".

This story made me, somewhat, angry. To put my anger into an acceptable tame-it-box, I showed it to a non-German, very analytical friend. All he would state is the obvious: "It did not touch me the same way as it did you". Doh !

So, here I am, left with my strange anger. I let a bit of it out by mentioning "Merkel" a lot in my editiorial.  

Anselm's fate touched me the most. He (and Franziska Dinter) too  might remember this old number of  Freddy Quinn:


  1. Oz Rita, I was angry to see this video because it symbolizes what all the political leaders and other elites of our country are . . . Hypocrites!!! There are plenty of poor suffering Europeans, whites, and Christians who need help. Charity begins at home, but no, in order to feel truly good about oneself you must help the poor of a third world country. This is true charity and virtue signaling.

    1. Anonymous, I share your anger, and then some!