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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Is London's Mayor Sadiq Kahn deaf or islamist ?

First a little explanation as to what "Al Quds" day is. This one  might sound light-hearted for such a nasty call to genocide, but I think it still packs a punch:

I have written about this brave woman, Kay Wilson, before. Here she had a message for Sadiq Kahn, the islamist Mayor of London:  

And then there were petitions, I signed some of them too, but what can you expect from an Islamist mayor who until  the day before his election paraded his wife in civilised dress yet could not wait  even for a modest interval before showing his true colors on the very day after the election. Not only did he  wrap up  his submissive muslima completely, but he chose as place for his "coronation" a CHRISTIAN church - when all his predecessors had correctly chosen the Town Hall for what should not be a "religious" function. 

I'm reminded of the dogs who, I'm told, mark their "territories" by "watering" their conquered spots.

Not only did the "march" take place, the Jew Haters were actually allowed to carry Terrorists flags and call for the death of Jews.

I dont think that the saying "All that it takes for Evil to florish, is for good men to do nothing" spoke of the Islamist Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn, the nasty Jew-Hater Jeremy Corbyn, and the commissioner of metropolitan Police when mentioning "Good Men" - I think hese 3 are actually batting for the side of Florishing Evil. And while I'm at it, I might even throw  the (at best) spineless Theresa May into the mix.

Update on 22/23 June 2017



  1. If you are not for freedom, you are against it.

  2. Rita dogs and cats both mark their terrority by "watering" certain things around and in that terrority.