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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Melanie Phillips in and on Israel

Melanie Phillips, British journalist, author and public commentator offers an eye-opening perspective on where anti-Israel ideas and sentiments originate. This impressive Cassandra foretold the future of London over 10   years ago by coining the name "Londonistan"

Her  conversation with Yaakov AchiMeir  was published on Israeli TV earlier this year.


On one point though  I disagree with the formidable Miss Melanie Phillips: She says "there is nothing remotely right-wing about standing up for truth against lies, justice against injustice, freedom against those who would snuff out freedom and human life". 

Well I say there is! 

You will not see many "right-wingers" at Jew-Hatred marches under Terrorist flags chanting "death to Jews", like just those last few days for Al Qud day, nor will you see too many Conservatives under the "Palestinian flags"  chanting "Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea", which, if you know a minimum of Israel's geography is the same. I strongly suggest, that today's version of  Jew-hatred comes, of course from those who follow the edicts of the Koran, but they are enthusiastically assisted, directly and indicrectly,  by  the "Left Wingers", Labor, Greens, Antifa, etc. 

The Left's  default position of moral posturing (moral signalling in modern parlance)  does not a good people make.

By declaring my support for Israel (too often and too loudly according to some) I will proudly accept the label of "right winger"!

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  1. Left Wing with one swing
    Will merge with the sea
    Right Wing is wing ding
    To believe all's for me
    So two wings are these things
    That aid us to see
    It's two when a truth rings
    For our sanity
    And two when a love sings
    For humanity.