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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Postcard from the Paris Metro

Here is a genuine snapshot of daily life in Paris, 2017: no Eiffel Tower, no soft lens, just a normal carriage in a normal Paris Metro. This one runs on Line 13. 

The photo below, judging by the fashion the commuters are wearing,  was taken some time ago. 

But I remember much more recent times, when I still took the Metro - (a method of public transport I avoid these days).  While the dress code was  not necessarily Beret, moustache and baguette under the arm,  the  "visuals" were very different.....more - dare I say it - ..... French. I liked it better then, much much better, and I felt much much safer. 

I do not believe that everyone, by just stepping onto the soil of France becomes French, nor do I hold it with the execrable Angela Merkel who, judging  by her words and acts seems to deeply loathe  traditional Germans,  has recently declared  that her Merkel-Muslims, once they have reached the by now  border less country of Goethe, Schiller and Heine, are "more German" than the natives. 

Not so long ago I came across yet another demonstration in Paris, the parole of that one was :  "Francais - dehors l'Afrique" (France get out of Africa).....under my breath I whispered as loud as I dared: "Afrique - dehors de la France" (Africa, get out of France) !

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