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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Sharia Survivor burns her Hijab

This courageous ex Muslima, Sandra Solomon, born into Islam in Palestine and brought up in Saudi Arabia  (yes the one who is sitting on the UN Security Council) has sought freedom from Sharia in Canada. She calls herself a "Sharia Survivor". But in the Canada of Trudeau, there seems no safety from the deadly Sharia law - his government is just about to introduce the "Blasphemy Law" which will make it punishable to criticise Islam. And several Imams felt encouraged enough by this Show-pony Islamophile, to threaten Sandra Solomon with death. And not only her, but Jews, Christians and other non-muslims. 

The most biting irony, I think is that the Bra-Burners of yesteryear will not only NOT burn a Hijab on the suggested "International Burn Hijab Day", but, collaborating with the Islamisation of the West as these Left(-overs) do, they would probably applaud those who'd rather have Sandra Solomon  burn at the stake instead.  

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