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Saturday, 25 June 2016

How to BEAT Islamism: Bibi tells you

Australia too  has fallen for the latest  fad of how to combat islamic terrorism (and lose  !!!):  "You must win their hearts and minds and give us more money" say the immigration industrialists, the compassionistas and assorted (sometimes even well meaning) "experts". The buzz word is: 


The latest wannabe jihadist who was arrested just before he could execute his plan for a terrorist attack on Australian soil  actually was - oh the irony !!! -  in one of those "De-Radicalisation" programs.

I think, one of the very best experts on how to combat islamist terrorism would have to be the Prime Minister of Israel. If anyone can speak from experience and with not a few successes under his belt, then it just would have to be Bibi. (The ones who are most in   need for such advice are  too busy demonising  Israel and the Jews to ask for it at the right places, or perhaps they really don't want to know...)

The question from this interviewer to the Israeli PM carried the clear  implication: "wouldn't it be better to offer them an alternative   ideology (like democracy) rather than go in with drones, bombs and soldiers".  (Also known as "why can't we all be kind to each other").  To be fair, she let the real expert have his say: 

(interview recorded in November 2015)

THE quote I take home  from this interview (original here)  is: 

"...Combating Nazism first involved beating Nazism....
... you had the De-Nazification after you won..."

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