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Sunday, 3 July 2016

George SOROS

A rhetorical Q & A session with myself:  

Q. Can ONE man be really THAT evil? 

A. I dont know but I dont believe so. 

Q. Can ONE man pull the strings of Merkel/Obama/Erdogan/The Clintons/and then some? 

A. Perhaps.  

Q. Does he really  have to be Jewish? (As if there were not enough fabricated Jewish scapegoats already). 

A. A Jewish friend whom I respect and trust tells me that Soros, in fact,  is not Jewish. 

Q. Do I trust Black Pigeon Speaks

A. He is respected by people I respect and at the very least he is worth listening to, in my notsohumble opinion:  

Puppets on a string

Na dann mal:
Prosit ! 


  1. Yes, George Soros really is that evil. And no doubt will remain that way until he takes his last breath. He is the evil twin to Elie Weisel.

    1. Hi June, why do you think Ellie Wiesel is an evil guy?

  2. Dear Rita,

    I'm sorry that I gave you the impression that Elie Wiesel was evil. Far from it. He was the polar opposite of Soros. Where Soros personifies evil, Wiesel personified goodness. Even as a teenager Soros was a Kapo who pointed out Jews to his Nazi mentor. Their property was stolen and they were sent to Auschwitz to an almost certain death. He admitted as much during a "60 Minutes" program in the mid 90's. He was interviewed by Steve Croft who asked him whether he did not feel guilty about what he had done. He had no remorse and basically said that if he had not done it somebody else would have. He is only technically a Jew because he had a Jewish mother but the family was highly assimilated and the father even changed his name from Swarz to Soros to be more Hungarian. By all his actions he definitely does not identify with the Jewish people and his support of BDS and other anti-Israel organizations makes him one of the biggest enemies that Jews have today.

    Thank you for all your posts, they are very interesting and entertaining.

    1. Dear June,
      I'm glad we sorted that out :) I suspected immediately there must have been a mistake in my interpretation because it seems to be the Jew-Haters who were coming out of the woodworks defaming Elie Wiesel after his death. He was also a wonderful writer.