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Friday, 22 July 2016

Milo on Trump, Hillary and Gay Conservatism

I just love listening to Milo Yiannopoulous (Jewish mother,  catholic father), for his style but also for his often profound insights, his intelligence,  his charm and his courage  to call out the nakedness of the emperor. (Unlike many of us, he does not do it from behind a keyboard, but faces the hyenas and wolves out in the open despite the death- and worse threats those who dare telling the truth  are getting  these days).

 I  would listen to his political analysis anytime before I give even a minute to the sneering 5th Column, composed (with few exceptions) of the main media , nearly all of the politicians/activists from the  Left and last, but not least  some of the "Right" ( thinking with horror of Angela Merkel who came to power -perhaps  ex-Stasi-dom- but definitely  disguised as a 'Conservative').

Milo, who was banned from Twitter for life since it has been  bought by Saudi or Qatari interests (I forget which, but they are interchangeable), has put the original meaning of "gay" back into "gay". When I listen to him I often giggle gaily away, in my straight way :) ;)


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