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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Palestinian/Muslim Parenting Skills (updated)

Pallywood Production that back-fired? 

Here is one  of the most poignant videos I have seen. I found it at Vlad Tepes who called it, in his usual understated tone: "Muslim Parenting Skills".  Pardon my purple prose, but my heart goes out to that little boy.

He could yet be saved if it was not for all those who, because of their Jew-Hatred (or other vested interests) falsely promote Arabo-Muslims as "Palesteeeenian victims", especially  in the West. How much would you bet that the anti-Israel propaganda machines like the BBC (U.K.), the ABC/SBS (Australia), RTL (France) will not broadcast this, or if they do, mutilate the reality to such a point that they can - as usual - point an accusing (dirty) finger towards Israel.  

I challenge you to have  a look at the body language of this little boy and not be touched.  Watch how  he tries,  in his own way, to protect the soldier with whom he had just exchanged a "high five",  by disobeying the orders from his screeching "father". See how he attempts several times to throw rock in the opposite direction of the Israeli. The child has instinctively realised who is on his side. 

I fear , the little boy will finish up as a suicide bomber, and then be the "pride" of his Mother(s), unless someone saves him from these savages. No, I did not mean to write "desperate palesteeeeenian victims", I meant to write "savages"

Here is how the Israelis teach their children to cope with the terror of Hamas rocket attacks on their schools and kindergartens: 


What a surprise !!! 

PA TV falsifies video to hide handshake between Israeli soldier and boy -  click here for the relevant PMW (Palestinian Media Watch)  Bulletin

2nd Update: 

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addresses the video

"...Sadly, this father's crime is not an isolated example. In Gaza, Hamas runs summer camps that teach children to value death over life - suicide kindergarten camps."

"The Palestinian Ministry of Education in Ramallah recently organized an event for students to honor terrorists who murdered three civilians. Two weeks ago, the Palestinian Authority's official newspaper praised teenage terrorists and wrote that 'death as a martyr is the path to excellence and greatness.' That's a direct quote."

"Palestinian and Israeli children deserve better! "



  1. Rita I love the way the kids are dealing with the stress of being targets of bigoted idiots. May they all survive to live long and productive lives.

    1. Hi Richard:) No prizes for guessing which "parenting style" will produce decent human beings I'd love to share the planet with, and which ones produce those that make our world, even today, a dangerously ugly place.