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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Who was the Terrorist behind the carnage in Nice ?

One of the thousand and one irritants in the reporting of this tragedy was the media's insistence on calling this Tunesian a "French -Tunesian". Unlike France's Arab "Minister for Education",  he did not have the dual nationality and  was not even a Paper - French !  

Resident Permit
Name: Lahouaiej Bouhlel / First name: Mohamed Salmene
starts: 15. 01. 2009    Ends: 14. 01. 2019
Any profession in Metropolitan France
within the framework of the current legislation.

While the "authorities" are  busy preparing the terrain to  have the islamic terrorist attacker of Nice declared  a "lone wolf" or  "psychologically unbalanced" (a video of his father in Tunesia waving  a psychiatrice certificate before  journalists  "proving" that his son's  attack has "nothing to do with Islam" is actually doing the rounds already), let me offer you a description of the vermin by someone who seems to know quite a bit:  

"Exclusif : Voici le tunisien auteur du carnage à Nice" (And here you have him, the author of the carnage in Nice) writes  Nebil Ben Yahmed in his exclusive French article in   Tunisie Secret on 15 July. 

Here is my translation: 

His name is Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, he is  born in Mseken but his origins are in Sidi Bouzid. He is the son of a member of the Islamist party Ennahda known for his  extremism. Consequently he is not French-Tunisian but a Tunisian  who has lived  in France for the past eight years with a residence permit, social benefits and all the trimmings. In  gratitude to France, he  has just taken the lives of 84 innocent people.

The terrorist who was driving the truck that crushed 84 victims in Nice is not French-Tunisian as announced by the French media but a Tunisian immigrant aged 31, who lived in France since 2008 and has obtained his residence permit as result of  his marriage to a French-Tunisian, his own cousin (her name is Hajer) who lives  in Nice and with whom he had three children.

His name was Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel and he comes originally  from Sidi Bouzid even if he was  born (January 3, 1985) in the Sahelian city of Mseken (in the Governorate of Sousse). According to our police sources in Tunisia, his mother's name is Cherifa. His father is a member of the Islamist party Ennahda and is known in Mseken as a violent extremist. The police of  Ben Ali kept a close watch (on him)  and after January, 2011, he became  one of the local leaders of Ennahda in Mseken. The Criminal of Nice is therefore not your  improvised terrorist, but he was born into and bathed  in a  family environment that was favorable to violence and radicalism. The same can be said of his in-laws. 

The driving license of the terrorist and his residence permit were found in the truck he used as a weapon of war before being shot by municipal officers who were fortunately armed, unlike other regions which do not allow the municipal police to carry arms. Not satisfied with killing so many innocent people, the Tunisian terrorist wanted to finish his criminal career on a carousel for children.

According to sources, this terrorist scum was married and father of 3 children. When questioned,  his neighbors described him as "not very religious, as he does not pray and likes  girls and salsa." The usual comments which show how well  a fundamentalist ISIS member  can  conceal his  true face before taking action. And of such criminals, there are hundreds and thousands in France. For us, this terrorist was born into a fundamentalist milieu and he was "culturally" predisposed to become a terrorist. 

The police should also be concerned about the fact  that one of his relatives works at the  Airport of Nice ! (my bolds)

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was not known to French intelligence services as radicalised and did not have a safety classificaton S for connection to terrorism. However, he was well known by police for offenses against common law, mainly violence with a weapon, domestic violence, threats and theft.

After analysis and investigation, the body of this scum will be shipped to Tunisia, where his family, his friends, his neighbors probably bury him as a  "martyr" as are all the criminals this  once civilized and modern country has produced since the so-called  "Arab Spring" they made to the Tunisian populace do and that all French politicians and journalists praised, cheered and exalted at the time. 

Not quite  a month ago, the France  of Monsieur Hollande received with great pomp the head of the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood, Rached Ghannouchi. The objective to frame, contain and prevent the French Muslim youth from falling into radicaslim was not even mentioned  to  this doctrinaire of Islamo-terrorism!!!

Nebil Ben Yahmed

There are quite a few commentaries in response to this article, obviously written by Muslims, most of them taking an example out of Obama's book à la "NothingToDoWithIslam", but this little comment stood out for me: 

38.Posté par Bennani le 15/07/2016 20:59 (depuis mobile)

C''est quand meme toujours la meme chose....sur 100 attentats c''est 100 musulmans qui les ont commis!! Faudrait que l''on descende dans la rue nous musulmans normaux, pour faire entendre notre voix"
"Still,  it's always the same.....out of 100 terrorist attacks it is 100 muslims who committed them !! It's time that we normal muslims get down into the streets and make our voices heard" 

We know the numbers he massacred,  at the time of writing 84 dead, 50 between life and death and, as always when islamists kill, many children among the victims, the softest of  all targets; let's put a face on one of the "numbers":  

Brodie Copeland. (Facebook/Kim Copeland)

His father, too, died with him, on the Promenade des Anglais, in Nice on that darkest Jour de la Bastille. I just hope that his mother will never come across this blog, because I could not find adequate words for her pain, let alone consoling ones. 

Gustav Mahler


"Oft denk' ich, sie sind nur ausgegangen"

Oft denk' ich, sie sind nur ausgegangen,
Bald werden sie wieder nach Hause gelangen,
Der Tag ist schön, o sei nicht bang,
Sie machen nur einen weiten Gang.

Ja wohl, sie sind nur ausgegangen,
Und werden jetzt nach Hause gelangen,
O, sei nicht bang, der Tag is schön,
Sie machen einen Gang zu jenen Höh'n.

Sie sind uns nur voraus gegangen,
Und werden nicht wieder nach Hause verlangen,
Wir holen sie ein auf jenen Höh'n
Im Sonnenschein, der Tag ist schön,
auf jenen Höh'n 

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