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Monday, 25 July 2016

Nice France: Post Mortem Conversion of Christians

The bodies had not yet been removed from the Promenade des Anglais in Nice and already the mantra-like bleating started: 

"...The FIRST victim was a Muslim woman !!!..." 

The Left Politicians/Media and assorted propagandists for the islamisation of the West soon joined the chorus of victim-bragging with the increasing  assertion that...

  "...MOST victims were muslims..."

After  the following story, extracted  from TV Libertés' News Bulletin of 25. 7. 2016 I dare say that we are advancing fast towards the  official conclusion: ...

 "ALL victims were muslims!"

I was aware of  Sharia-approved (halal)  necrophilia, but this ^^^ is the first I have heard of a post-mortem Conversion.......the things they do to increase the numbers in order  to claim the top spot on the Victimhood ladder...hmmm.... it's only out of respect for the many dead, that I will not add what I'm tempted to say.


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