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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Goodbye London Hello Londonistan

"Extremist-Linked Sadiq Khan Elected London Mayor - Goodbye, London..." so says Paul Weston, chairman of Liberty GB, a man arrested for quoting what Churchill  had said about Muslims.

"...He took his oath on the Koran, so he puts Islam before his country..." 

This event is hotly discussed, including, of course in  France on  Riposte Laique where I found this funny-bone-tickling exchange among the comments:


depuis Waterloo j’aimai pas beaucoup les anglais ,mais là

………Since Waterloo I never liked the English very much, but this one (is going too far).....


Moi c’est viscéral depuis Jeanne d’ARC !! Ils passent leur temps à emmerder le monde et nous en particulier 

With me it's visceral since Joan of Arc !! They spend their time pissing off the world and especially us


depuis Médine j’aimai pas beaucoup les muzz , mais là … 

Since Medina I never like the mossies much, but this coup....


Depuis le coup de poignard (dans le dos) à la Rhodésie (21 Décembre 1979) je ne les apprécie plus du tout. 

Since the backstabbing of Rhodesia (21 December 1979) I don't appreciate them any longer at all 


depuis Mitterand j’aimais pas beaucoup les collabos, mais là…

Since Mitterand I have never liked the collaborators very much, but this coup.....

Your hair is showing, Your Majesty,
this just will not do any longer !

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