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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Are they trying to kill Michael Stürzenberger?...

...because a custodial sentence in Merkel's Germany would mean certain death for this brave, articulate Critic of Islam. Even a suspended sentence for 3 or 4 years means death, in this case  his professional death, since Mr. Stürzenberger is journalist. 

The scandalous story so far: 

On 18 August 2017, the trial against Michael Stürzenberger took place before the Munich District Court for his allegedly "prohibited" showing of an anti-constitutional symbol - although he published it within the framework of a historical reporting on the Nazi-Islam pact, which is expressly permitted by the Criminal Code §86 (3 ). The scandalous verdict of Judge Birkhofer-Hoffamnn: 6 months imprisonment on 3 years 6 months probation, plus 1000 social work hours.

Here he speaks just after this trial, a charade that counts as "justice" in Merkel's Germany: 

And just when you think it could not possibly get any more absurd, you get a lesson to the contrary, suggests Michael Stürzenberger:

Please support this brave fighter for our freedom of speech  on the 5th December, if you are in or around Munich.  

For those who do not know the story of Michael Stürzenberger, there is a very comprehensive archive at  Gates of Vienna

And here are still more links of interest:

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And now lets enjoy a little Judge-and-Jihadi-free zone: 


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