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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Does Macron use Muslims to divide and rule ?

Link to the previous post on Prayers in the streets of Paris. 

One of the better places I have been hanging around lately is the Gates of Vienna (highly recommended).  Among information and pearls galore you find many comments of the "food-for-thought" kind like this one: 

RonaldBon November 9, 2017 at 1:39 pm said:

“the cops stood back and let them…” 

I think the really degenerate government attempts to turn itself into a dictatorship or oligarchy through the systematic use of street gangs to dissolve civil society.

And someone with the name de plume of  "Gretel" asked in that delightfully Germanic logical and direct way, (when Germans still asked questions): 

Gretel on November 11, 2017 at 8:37 pm said:

Are public prayers illegal in France or not?
If yes, why no arrests?
If no, why the banner saying their praying is against the law?

Christine Tasin, one of the most courageous women in France today, Director of Resistance Republicaine who knows what she is talking about, has this answer for Gretel and many more of us, in an article she published yesterday: 

"The street prayers in Clichy are a scandal. A scandal that lasts. A scandal of the State.Why does Macron's State not end it? Easy, water cannons exist, right? (*)

I remember the Prefect of the Côtes d'Armor who had banned one of our demonstrations taking out the water cannons in case our people would not disperse.

Easy, when facing French citizens who respect the law. Unthinkable when facing Muslims who have trampled the law every week for 8 months. Unthinkable or rather ... Macron does not want to. Why ?

Just look at the pictures of what happened yesterday in Clichy to see the second scandal, the worst without a doubt. Certainly it's good to see these elected sing the Marseillaise against Muslims, but what we are witnessing is a frightful spectacle:

Muslims, foreigners probably for a large part - and mainly foreigners in Clichy, according to the mosque and the Mayor - perform, in an obscene and provocative way, their prayer under the eyes of all, in the public space, imperturbable, while a few meters away, French citizens are tearing themselves apart....

...And it is they who are the spectacle, they are the ones who interest the journalists. The Muslim problem no longer exists in Clichy, thanks to Macron, it has become a Franco-French problem, the leftists against the Fachos. Not the leftists against the patriots, no, against the fachos. Because what will remain of this video, it is the cry of the little useful idiot: fachos!

Macron lets the leftists and other antifas defend them (the muslims).

They do not even need to get their hands dirty.

Mélenchon's (Leader of the extreme Left faction in the French Parliament) militia do the job for them, attack the patriots, threaten them, insult them.

Why does Macron deliberately let the situation degenerate for months, if not for that? To generate popular reactions and play with them?

Elected officials came to support the Mayor of Clichy? Fachos! And there must be, among them, members of the FN, re-fachos! Doubly fachos!

One might think that Macron, not daring to send the troops to Clichy, lets the mayonnaise rise, is letting the French take on the problem and solve it, replacing the police and the army.

It is clear that Macron, sitting on a pressure cooker that threatens to explode every day now, seeks to let explode ... patriots, the resistance in order to have reasons to record, ban, imprison, convict them ...

In short, we get it: Muslims will be used more and more by Macron to justify an intense crackdown against opponents of Islam and immigration.

The guy wants to scare, wants to quash, wants to divert the river flowing between Muslims and non-Muslims, so that this river separates the leftists from patriots, so that, if there was to be a war, it would take place between French and French, a real good civil war because of the Muslims and which would benefit them, but for which they would not be considered responsible.

Clever. Nothing surprising for Monsieur Manipulations who is at the Elysée.

Will the French fall into the trap or will they rebound?"

This is French and this belongs in the Street of Paris !!! 


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