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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Merkel-Migrants setting Germans alight

Yet another attempted murder of a homeless person (in Germany)

Is that what 'Integration' looks like ?

This is the official  photo published by the Police Headquarters Munich. At the time of writing, police are still looking for the suspects who, after the attack fled.

Die beiden Täter mit dem späteren Opfer. Direkt neben dem schlafenden Obdachlosen sieht man die Plastiktüte, die in Brand gesetzt wurde. c Polizeipräsidium München.

The two perpetrators with their later victim. Right next to the sleeping homeless man one can  see the plastic bag, which was then set on fire. c Police Headquarters Munich.

Here is what the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) posted on their face book page:

+++Does integration look like this?+++

Once again, a homeless man became  the victim of an arson attack, and the Munich police are now looking for the perpetrators described as coming from the "Arab-North African area".

During the incident, both perpetrators demonstrated their disrespect and brutality - first they took several selfies with the sleeping homeless man, and then  set fire to his belongings. Because that did not work with a cigarette thrown in its plastic bag, they used a lighter before escaping on a S-Bahn. Passers-by rescued the man from his threatening situation.

Again and again, cases come to light in which adolescents with a migrant background use seemingly unprovoked  violence. Numerous such acts occur regularly in Germany. Passers-by are gratuitously attacked, mobbed, kicked or, like this homeless man, set on fire.

Not only that shows us that the propagated by the old parties integration does not work in the beginning. Where perpetrators threaten public safety, no group therapy helps: Here, the state must finally reach through with hard bandages.

This shows us yet again that the this "integration" praised so much by the  old parties does, in reality,  not work. Where perpetrators threaten public safety, no group therapy will help; here the State must finally crack down, and hard.

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