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Monday, 5 March 2018

White Genocide in South Africa - Updated

Click here for our last posting about this Genocide which - judging by their telling silence seems to meet with  the approval  from the Left/Main-Media/Establishment-Politicians and, of course, smelly Hollywood, after all it's Blacks massacring mere Whites.....Black seems to be the "new Black" among the hypocritical preeners. 

Watching the increasing anti-white racism, and not only by groups like the violent and Soros-financed "Black-Lives-Matter" and their ilk,  and seeing what is happening in South Africa  RIGHT NOW (thanks to the so-called "alternative media"), I am increasingly wondering if what I thought were merely the uneducated and  unjustified "warnings" from a  "raaaacist" grandmother did not actually  have some prophetic value.....

And I wonder too if  Nelson Mandela would  really be "turning it his grave" if he could see  what is being  perpetrated in the name of his party, after all he had some pre-view of it: 

Let me ask you, rhetorically: What is not pure, unadulterated, genocidal  Racism in this story brought to us  by the courageous Lauren Southern ?

Lauren Southern published this following video on 10 February,  just five  days before South African lawmakers elected the wealthy former businessman Cyril Ramaphosa  as the country's new president and very soon after that  all   pretence was dropped, as the new "government" took the full arsenal of machetes at their disposal out of their sheaths: 

"...South Africa’s parliament voted Tuesday to move forward with an amendment to the country’s constitution that would allow the government to seize and redistribute white-owned land without compensation.

The motion was brought by the radical Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party and was widely supported by the ruling African National Congress, which controls almost two-thirds of the parliament. The measure passed by a vote of 241 to 83..." Source

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