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Thursday, 1 March 2018

SHAME Berlin ! SHAME Germany ! SHAME Merkel !

About that women's march on 17. February 2018 in Berlin
and the cynical contempt displayed by  Merkel Politicians 
for the imported violence against German women.


Maria L. and Mia V. ? 

Who cares ...? ! 

....not the Left German Politicians

The video below  was the first  news item from the weekly Compact TV News Program "Die Woche". It covered part of the Women's March against violence held in Berlin on 17 February, 2018 which was blocked by Antifa and assorted haters from the so-called "Left", who seemingly enjoyed the tacit co-operation from the Berlin Police. As the Compact TV reporter concludes: 

"...Berlin's leftists and the Authorities of Germany's capital have made it clear on that day that violence against women is not so bad, the most important thing is to fight "the Right" as per orders."

Here Jeannette Auricht, member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland/Alternative for Germany) speaks at the Abgeordneten Haus  (House of Representatives) in the State Parliament (Landtag) of Berlin. 

The theme, discussed here on the 22. 2. 2018, is the Right to Demonstration. 

"Are Greens and Left politicians making common cause with the Left Extremists, in order to kill off the democratic Right of Germans to demonstrate?" 

Antifa thugs, together with Green and Left members of the German Parliament had blockaded the Women's March organised to protest  the  imported violence against Women and Girls in Germany under the seemingly passive eyes of the Berlin Police.

The catalyst for this semi-aborted March was the murder of  Mia, the 15 y.o. German girl who was stabbed to death by a Merkel-"Refugee" from Afghanistan in broad daylight in a shop in Kandel. 

Another high profile murder by a Merkel-"Refugee" was the one of a young student from Freiburg, Maria Ladenberger, who had been raped and drowned in the river by an Afghan who (like the killer of Mia) was "registered" as "unaccompanied Child Refugee". 

After the murders it was found that both were much older, one was even well into his twenties. 

Not even the Merkel-Media could prevent the names of these two girls getting out, and yet - Tommy Robinson asked the counter-protesters, who seemed to be  in favour of the Merkel-imported violence against German women and girls if they knew of these two butchered girls...have a look what he got:

must see !!!


I am not surprised that the thugs from the Antifa and assorted Merkel Stormtroopers do not know about the murdered girls, they are officially on the side of the imported perpetrators, but that a member of the German Parliament (of the Greens)  has "never heard the two names" shocked even me with my  very low expectation of the established German Political Parties:

And here is yet another Member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland - Alternative for Germany) who speaks, what Germans call "Klartext" in the wake of this march, held in Berlin on the 17. February 2018: 

This is the 15 year old  German girl, Mia V. who was recently butchered by an Afghani Merkel "Refugee" in a shop in Kandel in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. He too, as it turned out, was much older than his "unaccompanied child status" alleged. 

Below: Maria Ladenburger (6 December 1996 – 16 October 2016), a 19-year-old medical student from Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, was found raped and drowned on 16 October 2016 in the river Dreisam. Her rapist/killer was an Afghan Merkel-"Refugee" who had received all the advantages an "17 y.o. unaccompanied child 'refugee' " is offered by the Merkel-Regime but who also (like so many) turns out to be much older (from memory in his mid twenties).


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