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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Likings and Loathings for March 2018

Updated regularly during March



Happy Passover to our Jewish Readers

And Happy Easter 



...the "Human Rights Violator's Central Station" that the UN has become (first part of the video)


the feisty response from UNWATCH (second part of the video)

U.N. Human Rights Council 37th Session March 2018

Minute 0.33:
South Africa DARES to show it's racist face while the government sponsored massacres of white farmers because they are white are taking place while she spews forward her hypocritical bile ? !!!

Minute 0:49 
Of course, we expect this kind of grotesque lies from the PLO which would not even be passing a Labour Meeting chaired by Sadiq Kahn or a Greens Meeting anywhere in the world. 


Liking it (I think)

"The training of African hussar helicopter pilots continues successfully, they are already flying with the novel Muhammed II navigation."


the islamist mayor of London
I call him "islamist" because that is what his actions, past and present, show. 



Did you know that Jews can make it snow ? 
Nor did I ! LOL

h/t VladTepes


Strange Ritual or Protection of expensive Lipstick?


Found this little video chez Vlad


Tucker and Mark Steyn

Many on the Left seem to friends with Louis Farrakhan. Even Obama has taken a picture. 

But Farrakhan has praised Hitler suggesting we should ask what the Jews had done to Herr Schickelgruber to make him so mad at them, he  said white people deserve to die and yet, the media remain silent  on the Democrat-Farrakhan connection. 


Pigs can do puzzles !!!


The following one: 
"Liking" or "Loathing"? 
Not telling you ;) :P

Tsk Tsk Tsk, these Hollywood "Me! Me! #MeToo!" born-again feminist prudes.....

This, I am told, is Rose MacGowan, allegedly first among the equals who are  leading the charge against Weinstein for sexual harassment.

Looking at her ... ahem...(un)dress style, I would have no problems indulging in a tiny little bit of “victim blaming”. 


"This year, Oscar nominees will be receiving pepper spray and other personal safety items in their swag bags in support of the #MeToo movement, Sabre announced Wednesday.

In a press release  the leader in consumer safety products said it would be giving nominees key chain pepper spray, gel pepper spray, two types of personal body alarms, and a test kit to determine if a drink has been drugged."

I wonder, where scantily clad women, like the one above,  will put their pepper sprays, body alarms and the test kit ? 





I found this on twitter, posted by   Onlinemagazin: who comments: 

"Achievements of Angela Merkel's policy: While single-family homes are built for "refugees", a German retired couple must collect returnable bottles. Their pension is not sufficient to lead a dignified life, and money is not enough for the monthly cost of living".


Love it ! 

Yes, I too ask myself: how can the acoustics be so perfect if this is a real street setting....but sometimes, perhaps, we should just enjoy and ask no questions :);)


Liking it !

Some months ago I posed the question on a YouTube thread which I get so often:  "Why have Germans voted, yet again, for Merkel?" I only discovered this answer today: 

"... Warum sie schon wieder Erika gewählt haben?

why they voted Erika(*) yet again ? 

1. Presse macht Propaganda ohne Ende. Alles was Systemkritisch ist, wird in die Naziecke geschoben!

The media  make relentless Propaganda. Every critic at the system is pushed into the "Nazi-Corner". 

2. Weil Oma und Opa das auch schon immer so gemacht haben :)))))

Because already Grandma and Grandpa have done it like this


3. Weil denken schwer ist!

Because thinking is difficult 

4. Weil bei vielen Menschen hier 1+1=3 sind!

Because many people here count: 1 + 1 = 3 ! 

And the poster then continues in English: 

".... they wont believe the truth and the truth is: this parliament has broken so many laws over the last year its nearly unbelieveable! And the public prosecutors are forced to be silent! Any more questions? We are getting closer & closer to a state which we have had in the past and few of us woke up in between and dont want to have this "new" old state again. But Erika is from former GDR, shes grown up with mind control....."

(*) Allegedly Angela Merkel worked for the Stasi under the name "Erika". 


Jew Hatred lives largely on the Left



  1. I wonder if the elderly couple have children?
    Are the children and families out with "welcome refugee" signs.

    OH the virtue signalers rate that is better to be seen helping a refugee than talking, and supporting their own people.

    And your other pics show the loathing of themselves, family and community.

    That "black dress" is an absolute send up of "metoo", not she gets it nor the media or followers get it.

  2. Enjoy it while it lasts. We can tell out children we remember when there were singers on the streets and subways. Islam will outlaw this because Mohammed said music and singing is "haram."

  3. After a long drought the Chinese tried to make it rain by seeding the clouds over Peking or Beijing. Well, they got precipitation but is was not what they were hoping for. It didn't rain but it snowed. Heavily. The city was brought to a standstill. It's well documented. It actually happened that way. The technology is there. But maybe it needs fine tuning.