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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Israel: victim of the world's greatest slur campaign

Col. Richard Kemp CBE tells the Host of the Sky News Program: "Outsiders" that many on the Left are perpetrating the world's greatest "slur campaign" against the State of Israel. 

Col. Richard Kemp CBE says those who are accusing Israel of war crimes are deliberately ignoring the efforts of the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) to save Palestinian civilians, including during war. 

The retired British army officer also warned that Israel risked being attacked further by the Palestinian terrorists if it cedes more land around the West Bank.

'Outsiders" is a Sunday Morning/Thursday Evening program, and a refreshing alternative to the the conformist media, also known as "fake" media, in that it does not bow to Political Correctness. Its hosts, Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean are two of the most interesting, courageous AND funny commentators in Australia.

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