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Friday, 2 February 2018

Letter from a German Childhood Friend

This is a letter I wrote recently to my friends/acquaintances/contacts, including to M. :

From: Rita
Sent: Saturday, January 27, 2018 1:16 AM
Subject: International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2018

Hi friends,

If you too should  suffer from “compassion fatigue”, this post is not heckling for “compassion”, but for your anger or whatever feeling motivates you to say NO, and to say it loudly, to your child, spouse, neighbour, colleague, green grocer. You WILL make a difference, even as that pebble in the shoe, because - be not mistaken - we are witnessing a repeat of the 12 darkest years in Germany’s history. My older compatriots (I am German) always told me “we did not know”, I never believed them. 

Someone recently said: “never again just means again-and-again-and-again”. Looking at the renewed Jew Hatred mounting in Europe we must not look the other way this time,  but must SPEAK UP!  This time the Jew-Haters don't wear German uniforms but are Allah-U-Akbarists who speak Arabic, and are card-carrying (so far mostly) leftist (*) enablers of deadly anti-semitism. On the streets of Berlin, Paris, London, they are allowed to screech:  “JEWS TO THE GAZ !!!”. 

Angela Merkel not only opened this dance macabre by importing 1.5+ million mostly Muslim males in fighting age  into Germany since 2015 alone - ILLEGALLY - but she is  doubling down on that, now not only allowing but organising the deadly “family reunion program". She and her partners in crime, e.g. the SPD (German Socialists) have been caught out lying, on one hand declaring to the “stupid herd” that there would be an upper limit of new “migrants", yet off camera appeasing their supporters from the Left that there would be no such upper limit. 

When people suggest that Angela Merkel, the “second worst German Chancellor” as some call her, is “naive”, I hold  with the wo/man who said: "When the consequences of naivety and malice are the same, it is safer and wiser to assume malice". 


(*) By silencing and  contemptuously referring to the normal, critical but decent Germans (such as Pegida, or the new conservative Party the AfD - Alternative für Deutschland) as  “the Pack”, Merkel and her Stasi Mafia are encouraging the real Extremists to emerge - at the moment, despite the propaganda from the state controlled main media , the “extreeeeeeeeeeme rrrright”  are relatively small in numbers.

PS: and don't forget: it may start with “the Jews”, but it never ends  with “the Jews”......first they came for the Saturday people, then for the Sunday people…...

M. was a childhood friend but when our educational and geographical trajectories went in different directions, the contact became sporadic and was even interrupted entirely during long stretches. Yet the affection that has its genesis in friendships that are formed  in Kindergarten and Primary School remained.....HOWEVER....this answer from my academically very accomplished friend has made me realise that,  politically and philosophically we are now worlds apart. 

Carl Spitzweg - Jugendfreunde (ca.1855)

I fear that M. is  far more representative of Germany's educated class than I will ever be. 

Translation of M's answer: (original at end of this post). 

"...I have problems with your concern: perhaps my rudimentary English is now too bad to understand you .... I do not understand the numbers (1.5 million, when should they have come to Germany and where are they now ??) and I can not believe that you have any understanding for AfD or Pegida, who literally deny the Holocaust and above all want no further discussion or reviewing ..... I think you are too far away for the reality of life in Europe and I seriously fear that you cannot form an objective picture -

I am, of course, not in Berlin and thus right in the centre of the action (the so-called anti-Jewish demonstrations, which come mainly from the confrontation of Palestinian - Jews and refers to the situation in Israel) and the media are of course spreading "fake news" (as the most powerful man in the Western world has taught us), but I think if I take my views from print media and TV and critical observation of my environment - and not just You tube - I can not be so wrong.

You are certainly right that there is a latent anti-Semitism not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world - but we will never let go of it with emotional and counter-hatred attacks! - only with education!

The fact is, if, in Germany,  you look  the people on the mouth who sit  around the "Stammtisch"  there the function of the scapegoat, which is to blame for everything, has long been "the refugee", no-one speaks of Jews here (Germany).

It is a pity that we can not discuss  directly: I would understand you better and we could respond better to  individual arguments .....



And for those who feel like singing along to this very very old German Volkslied, here are the lyrics:

Wahre Freundschaft 

Wahre Freundschaft soll nicht wanken 
Wenn sie auch entfernet ist 
Lebet fort noch in Gedanken 
Und der Treue nicht vergisst 
Lebet fort noch in Gedanken 
Und der Treue nicht vergisst 

Keine Ader soll mir schlagen 
Wo ich nicht an dich gedacht 
Ich will für dich Sorge tragen 
Bis zur späten Mitternacht 
Ich will für dich Sorge tragen 
Bis zur späten Mitternacht 

Wenn der Mühlstein trägt die Reben 
Und daraus fließt kühler Wein 
Wenn der Tod mir nimmt das Leben 
Hör ich auf dir treu zu sein 
Wenn der Tod mir nimmt das Leben 
Hör ich auf dir treu zu sein

Original Letter: 

"Hallo Rita,
ich habe Probleme mit deinem Anliegen: vielleicht ist mein rudimentäres Englisch inzwischen zu schlecht um dich zu verstehen....Ich verstehe die Zahlen nicht (1,5 Millionen ? wann sollen die nach Deutschland gekommen sein und wo sind sie jetzt?? ) und ich kann auch nicht glauben, daß du irgendein Verständnis für AfD oder Pegida hast, die ja wortwörtlich den Holocaust leugnen und vor allem keine weitere Diskussion oder Aufarbeitung wollen .....Ich denke du bist doch zu weit weg um die Lebenswirklichkeit in Europa zu sehen, - vor allem befürchte ich, daß du dir kein objektives Bild machen kannst.-

Ich bin natürlich nicht in Berlin und damit direkt im Zentrum des Geschehens (bei sog. antijüdischen Demonstrationen, die vor allem aus der Konfrontation Palästinenser --Juden kommt und sich auf die Situation in Israel bezieht) und die Medien verbreiten natürlich "fake news" ( wie uns der Mächtigste Mann der westlichen Welt belehrt hat), aber ich denke ,wenn ich mir meine Ansichten aus Printmedien und TV und kritische Beobachtung meiner Umwelt, - und nicht nur Youtube - bilde, dann kann ich nicht ganz so falsch liegen.

Du hast sicher recht, das ein latenter Antisemitismus nicht nur in Europa sondern auch in anderen Gegenden der Welt herrscht, - aber mit emotionalen und Gegenhass-Angriffen werden wir ihn nie los! - nur mit Aufklärung !

Tatsache ist, wenn du in Deutschland an den "Stammtischen dem Volk aufs Maul schaust" dann hat die Funktion des Sündenbocks ,der an allem schuld ist, schon lang "der Flüchtling", von Juden spricht bei uns kein Mensch.....

Es ist schade, dass wir nicht so direkt diskutieren können : ich würde dich besser verstehen und wir könnten auf die einzelnen Argumente besser antworten.....
Liebe Grüße  "

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