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Saturday, 17 February 2018

French Movies that can put you in Prison

A film written and directed by French Filmmaker, Gérard Boyadjian, we wrote about him before and  will write about him some more yet. 

The title needs a little explanation: "CHAMEAU ... pas d'Amalgame". 

"Pas d'Amalgame" is the Pavlov's Dog response barked by the French authorities each time  after an islamic terror attack. I see it as the French version of "nothing-to-do-with-islam" and translated it, freely, as  

"Camel # Don't Conflate ! " 

As to "Camel": in French, "Chameau" (Camel) is used to describe a nasty person,  because - rightly or wrongly - Camels have the reputation of being "nasty". 

As soon as my technician returns from his voyages, in a week or so, the subtitles  will be vastly improved.

And you know what ?!!!  

For this court-metrage, this French film-maker, creator of   a  rich palmares of delightful short films has actually been schlepped  before the French Courts who seem to have become quasi Sharia Courts, enforcing Islamic blasphemy laws, prosecuting Art.

When asked by the (Kangaroo ?) Court in the XVIIème Chambre du Palais de Justice de Paris, if "the film-maker  was feeling/thinking what that guy in the  car was saying,    Gérard  Boyadjian answered:  

"In a recent film I played an paedophile who was into torturing children ...!!!"

The sharia-compliant prosecutors were actually requesting a custodial sentence (PRISON time) for the film maker, the court case is ongoing, an appeal is underway. 

Here is his cris du coeur:  
(the first 3.5 minutes are scenes from his movies), followed by his  "VALE to Freedom of Speech in France"  

FRANCE The Death of freedom of speech from Gérard BOYADJIAN on Vimeo.

Je remercie Pierre Cassens, le fondateur de Riposte Laique et un hero patriot personel pour l'alerte à cette affaire honteuse. 


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