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Monday, 5 February 2018

Pamela Geller - Fatwa

Yesterday I went to my local book shop after my motto "shop locally" and asked whether they had the latest book of Pamela Geller "Fatwa"(*).  

Not only did they not have it, and - ostensibly checking their their list of sources - they told me their normal stockists did not list it either - but they had never even heard of Pamela Geller. 

Okay, the two owners of the shop  are professing to be "of the Left" (if you are into mainstream commercial and professional survival you just have to conform to the dictates of bullydom as even the lowest strata of Western society are  "dressing to that side" now) but I sometimes have seen the odd crack in their submissive front from where  a sliver of "the right side" was escaping. 

Admiring the work of the "Counter Jihad" and  a fan of Pamela Geller, I had long thought that this courageous American-Jewish woman did belong in the company of those who are  known by their first name alone - Pamela - ....I had forgotten about Pamela Anderson....

Anyway, here is a speech by Pamela Geller - it's a long speech in a small venue, but this Queen Esther is definitely  worth listening to. 

Her speech starts at about minute 3.30 and while  question time is a little "raw" it brings up some interesting points. Do have a look at the very end, where she comments on George Sorros and certainly does not take him "prisoner". 

(*) Disclaimer: I don't even like Amazon and this is an unpaid advertisement 

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