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Thursday, 22 February 2018

My Candidate for French President is BAAACK !!!

I am soooooooo excited that I post this without even having listened yet to the whole speech. I trust her. 

Have listened to the speech now and was right to trust her ! 

This comes in the wake of the  totally politicised pro-islamist Judiciary in France condemning  Pierre Cassens, in his absence !!!, to a 3 months suspended prison sentence for criticising the Islamisation of his country(*) The regime Hollande/Macron/Hidalgo/Sorros/and-then-some!  have around 20 prosecutions running against him, which means that the "suspended" in this 'sentence' means nothing but literally a deadly danger for this brave French Patriot, in view of the ethnico-religious background of France's prison population. 

Could this return of Marion Maréchal-LePen onto the political scene be  the light at the end of this tunnel ?  

(*) will report more (in English) on this in the following posts. 

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