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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Likings and Loathings: February 2018 (updated regularily)


Sometimes you pick up the cutest things on Twitter......if "a picture is worth a thousand words" how much is a moving-in-more-ways-than-one picture worth? 

With apologies to the original poster of this video, I could not find the link. Should you pass by these pages, please let me know and I will gladly post it. 


There is a genocide going on in South Africa, white Farmers, I hear, are massacred systematically and with the implicit approval of the "leadership", I will get into this subject more deeply in later posts but have a look at this, I found it on Vlad Tepes

ET TU ?  Nelson Mandela ? !!!

I always thought African songs were just sooooo beautiful.......especially when I thought I understood the words....

A thousand storeys up from 
"Loathing" . 

A few months ago I broke my hand which needed re-training. The Hand-Therapist was a 30-something blonde woman, an outstanding Hand-Therapist.  She  had arrived, a couple of years ago or so,  from South Africa. She was as far from melo-dramatising things as I am close to it. She just said, matter-of-factly: 

"I am sooooooooo clad we have been accepted into Australia." 

The girls (her daughters are in the 12 - 14 age group) cannot get over the fact that they don't need walls, security screens, and more.....but her parents are still over there...not qualifying as "refugees"... 

My hand is fixed, South Africa obviously not yet...

Okay, lets call this new category: 




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