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Friday, 9 March 2018

Tommy Robinson gets Germany

The "media" questioned by Tommy Robinson were all State Media (tax-payer funded) and - like the BBC (UK), CNN (USA), RTL (France) - they have largely given up on not only objectivity, but even on  merely reporting news. Instead, they are spreading (often militantly) propaganda for the fake "conservative" Merkel and her string pullers.  The Deutsche Welle (DW) is even more dangerous, because they broadcast their shamelessly manipulated  "news" internationally. I can attest that,  what you see on the so-called "News Bulletins" from the  DW is not the real Germany. 

Der Erlk├Ânig

A Poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(see below for translation)

Interpreted by OxfordLieder

Music by Franz Schubert. 
Daniel Norman - Tenor 
Sholto Kynoch - Piano 
Jeremy Bidgood - Director & designer

The Elfking

(Translation by Daniel Norman) 

Who rides so late through the windy night? 
It is the father and his child. 
He holds the boy, 
Warm and safe. 
Son, why do you hide your face in fear? 

Father, do you not see the Elfking? 
With his crown and train? 
Son, it's just the mist. 
Come with me, lovely child 
We'll play games 
There are flowers on the beach and 
My mother has golden clothes 

Father, can't you hear 
What the Elfking is promising me? 
Be calm, my boy -- 
It's only the wind in the leaves. 

Lovely boy, will you come with me? 
My daughters will wait on you 
My daughters will sing and dance for you 
and rock you to sleep. 

Father, do you not see The Elfking's daughters there? 
Son, it's the old willows shining In the moonlight. 

I love you -- 
I'm aroused by your beautiful form 
And if you won't come, 
I will take you by force 

Father, father, he has grabbed me. 
The Elfking has hurt me. 

The father shudders. 
He rides fast, the groaning boy in his arms, 
Anxious, he reaches the farm. 
In his arms, the boy is dead.


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