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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Children II : Theirs and Ours

Yes, Virginia, 
there IS 
"Them and Us" 
"Theirs and Ours". 




                                            "Let the children come to me"



Massoud two and a half  years old  from Gaza pride 
pays homage to al-qassam brigades 

Theirs AND Ours


To end  on a more optimistic note, here is an unedited  letter by "Don Laird",  a poster who  comments, often very eloquently, on several blogs I follow; I found this one on Sheik Yermami's "Winds of Jihad"

"Hello there……its me again…….Don Laird… 

Here in the West civilized men have a different relationship with their daughters. 

Here in the West we don’t sell toddlers off to grunting, drooling 50 and 60 year old Muslim males who then obey the commandments of the paedophile false prophet and rape and sodomize these same toddlers.  

Here in the West we don’t spread the legs of little girls and mutilate their vaginas to satisfy the poisonous commandments of the Koran. 

Here in the West we don’t bounce rocks off the skulls of little girls and women because of some perceived insult to a savage 7th century lunatic.

No, here in the West we embrace little girls, we emancipate them, we encourage them, we educate them, we engage them and……….we take them flying………..and instill in them a love of flight which one day, one fine day they will…..hopefully…..take with them as they honour the spirit of Mankind, as they honour the spirit of Western culture and civilization…….as they journey into the blackness of space and, as the poet said…..as they “slip the surly bonds of earth, dance on laughter silvered wings and touch the face of God”……

Meet little Lea and her father Raphael……. 

Regards, Don Laird

Dogtown Bastard

Alberta, Canada"


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