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Friday, 31 May 2013

What do an "Australian" Bookshop and a Burka have in common?

They both  hide what is behind and under  them.

h/t vlad

Choosing the next "naughty" piece of music, I was reflecting on the fact that quite a few  of our local hate-preachers  have arrived on our shores illegally, many on  boats as "refugees". This warning came in 2010:

Yet, our present government (a coalition of the extreme left Greens and the leftist  union-affiliated Labor Party) has very much neglected  securing our borders and, since they came to power in 2007, we have had thousands and thousands of illegal boat arrivals. At the moment, there are, on average, about  3 boats per day  (holding sometimes up to and more than 100 illegal immigrants each). These are paying "people smugglers" thousands of dollars and are depriving genuine refugees who don't have that kind of  money their rightful place.

Under the previous conservative government we did have a very generous  refugee policy. Yet when our then Prime Minister, John Howard, said this during  his re-election campaign:

"...This campaign more than any other that I have been involved in, is very much about the future of the Australia we know and the Australia we love so much.
It is also about having an uncompromising view about the fundamental right of this country to protect its borders.
It’s about this nation saying to the world we are a generous open hearted people taking more refugees on a per capita basis than any country except Canada. We have a proud record of welcoming people from 140 different nations.
But we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come...."

he was savagely set upon by the snouts at the trough of the multi-billion dollar  immigration industry, and the first thing the present government did after coming to power was to dismantle a system which had worked well, except for the dubious vested interests.

You may sing along ;)

Update 2.6.2013:

From the latest Press Release:
  • "The latest arrival of two vessels carrying 157 people takes the total number of illegal boats that have arrived on Labor’s watch past 700.
    Over 42,000 people have arrived on 701 boats since the Rudd-Gillard Government dismantled the Howard Government’s border protection regime.
    Labor’s decision to dismantle the Howard Government’s policies has put our country’s security at risk. 
    It has cost hundreds of lives lost at sea and resulted in thousands of people entering our communities without rigorous security checks.

    ...Labor’s mismanagement has also included the detention of a convicted jihadist terrorist in low security family accommodation at Inverbrackie in South Australia. This jihadist was a member of the terrorist organisation Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which merged with al Qaeda in 2001, many years before his arrival by boat..."

    Update 12.06.2013

    Here is that "religious bookshop" in the news again. (see beginning of this post).

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