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Saturday, 1 June 2013

British Police...

...can only be as good or as bad as their political leadership. 

Since the murder by two  muslims of the young British soldier on a street in London, many comments have been made about  the Police. I have been brought up to respect the them and often I feel even  sorry for the thankless work they have to do. But, when I see them arresting  and handcuffing  85 year old ladies  for "insulting" muslims,  I find it difficult not to blame them, although the Nuremberg Defence  in their case might be valid.

The most degrading  thing to observe  is that they seem to be afraid of  these muslim thugs and their in-your-face-and-at-your-throat contempt for the law.

 This video was recorded a few years ago in the streets of London, but, if anything, things seem to have changed for the worse. Will someone please stop the emasculation of  these poor  law-enforcement folk.

 Just watched  this shameful video again
and I am soooooo angry!

please get up 

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  1. The British and the Allies fought bravely against the Nazis now only to surrender to
    the Islamo-fascists. What a shame!