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Monday, 3 June 2013

Too many mosques in France?

This article claims that there are too many Mosques in France. And who am I to disagree! I will translate parts of this article for those among you who don't read French, so that you can make your own mind up noting that this article and the video are a couple of years old, so the number of mosques will have increased quite considerably. 

Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey declared in 1999:

"The minarets are our bayonets,
the mosques are our barracks
their domes are our helmets
and the believers are our soldiers."

Here is a map from 2011, showing the density of mosques in France by department:

The white fields hold less than 5 mosques, the next (very light green) coloured fields have between 6 and 10 mosques, followed by 11 to 20 mosques, then 21 to 30 and the dark green fields hold more than 30 mosques.

The article goes on:

"There are too many mosques in France. There should be no mosques on our territory at all because the texts and laws of Islam are a violation of the texts of our Constitution and of our Declaration of Human Rights and the Rights of our citizens.
Furthermore, for prayers, a mosque is not essential. As there is no intermediary needed between the believer and Allah, a mosque is absolutely not needed in order to pray." 

This video with the title: "Mosques invade France!" has 3 parts: the first part shows you the mosques that exist already, part two shows the  mosques under construction and part 3 shows you the mosques which (a few years ago) were at the planning stage. 

The article then asks:

"...Why do Muslims wish so strongly to construct mosques in Europe? Most likely because the mosque can be used as a place of politico-religious meetings and can function as a stronghold."

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