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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Silent Screams

Born in Bavaria in 19..
I have an Alibi
When I hear a sentence
starting with
"The Germans"
I start screaming
on the inside
just in case.


Right now, I am screaming on the outside!

In a throwback to its darkest past, the German government of Angela Merkel has approved of a plan to put special labels on products made by Jews in the Israeli land of Judea and Samaria. Whatever these labels will look like they translate into one thing and one image only: 

This is an absolute outrage, one that is both morally obscene and historically indefensible, and the government of Angela Merkel should be ashamed of itself for going along with such a discriminatory practice.

In light of its own sordid record during the 20th century, Germany and its leaders have a special responsibility to be exceptionally sensitive to such issues, particularly when they relate to Jews. After all, it was 80 years ago, in April 1933, that the Nazis launched a nationwide assault on Jewish owned businesses throughout Germany, painting yellow-and-black Stars of David on storefronts and discouraging people from patronising them.
This was carried out under the slogan, “Kauft nicht bei Juden!” (Don’t buy from Jews!).
Hence, for any German government to stand up and declare: “Don’t buy from Jews,” even if the proposal is limited to the Jews of Judea and Samaria, is downright chilling and should send a shiver down everyone’s spine. (Extracts from the Jerusalem Post).

Et tu, Frau Merkel?

I now know that YOU would have followed Hitler's orders just as you  obey the orders of  those who have replaced him in tainting Germany. You make me ashamed for Germany, you, and those whose "orders" you follow now. I don't know if you  are obeying them out of cowardice, stupidity or because obeying evil  orders  is simply  what Germans do, but I know that what you are doing is dirty and I have one word for you, Frau Merkel:

Pfui !

 Barbara sings about the "blond children of Goettingen"

As for Israel:  You go Israel !! I am on Your side !

Update: 3.7.2013
And again: Shame on you Germany!
Pfui und nochmal Pfui, Deutschland!

Update: 7.7.2013
The Nazi Roots of the German Greens