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Saturday, 4 May 2013

I love Paris because...

....there is a merry-go-round for children and other adults at every street corner
...this one is at the Place de l'Hotel de Ville de Paris...

there is Rodin's view of himself,
from a different perspective (*)

.....Because of  "their" grafftti in the snow.

....because these hands leave Albrecht Duerer's praying ones for dead....(*)

...because they have P.O. boxes on the quais de la Seine for barge dwellers...

...because of joyous flute players in the Jardin du Luxembourg in winter...

...because they use Mona Lisa to to check
 if you remember your French grammar.

....because books grow on trees in Paris
(these ones hang from trees near the Place de l'Odeon
in front of a bistro called "Maison de l'Edition" 
go and check it out.

...because it lets me take photos like this one

...Because people stop and look and reflect at the "Mur des Justes" (Wall of Righteous) on which 2,693 names of French people who protected or saved Jews during WWII are engraved.

...because of hats like that in shop windows  like that ..

...because this is right next to No. 3 Place de Vosges,
one of the most expensive addresses in Paris.
("liberté, égalité, fraternité"........ and all that)

here, outside the gates of the Jardin du Luxembourg
 that lady sells the best, piping hot chestnuts in winter
and the most delicious ice cream in a cone in summer

.....because of Shakespeare and Co.

...because of  policemen rollerscating down l'Avenue de l'Opera

of cabbages put on the grave of   Serge Gainsbourgh
reminding us that he sprouted "cauliflour ears" in life

of the Sunday and Thursday morning markets, Place de la Bastille, come hail, rain or shine

...because of love-locks being fixed to the Pont des Arts 
by lovers who come from everywhere, except from Paris. 

 of the longing, Parisians have for every little ray of sunshine coming their way in early spring...

...Because of No. 3 Place des Vosges..., 
formerly residence of Mr. et Mme Strauss-Kahn, 
now residence of Madame Strauss-Kahn alone.


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