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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tommy Robinson v. BBC

Even if I felt inclined to be objective, I would still think of  this  condescending piece of typical BBC "journalist" as a "loser". Having become, (since the butchering of Lee Rigby) an unashamed fan of the courageous, articulate and telling-it-as-it-is  Tommy Robinson, my verdict is:

Tommy Robinson 1+   BBC -0

h/t Vladtepes

Quote of the day: 

"The days of walking on pins and needles are over, 
the days of worrying about feelings have ended. 
It's time to step on some toes."

(Tommy Robinson on twitter)


  1. Tommy Robinson 10 BBC 0
    Tommy was very impressive. The BBC would have loved him to make a fool of himself, but he argued persuasively and made the interviewer look like a berk. The islamic callers were the ones who made fools of themselves. Truth is always superior.

    1. I agree with your score, Burt and then some. What I found particularily satisfying was that the BBC was shown up for what they are: permanently sneering and not only bias, but also not above manipulating the truth. This became clear with their clumsy plants that were obviously meant to trip up Tommy Robinsin. I actually thought they might be a little more clever.

  2. Excellent interview. TR came across very well. Interviewer was a twat. Typical leftie common purpose lackie.