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Friday, 24 May 2013

Tommy Robinson

I don't usually post loooong interviews since these days our attention span is probably comparable to that of a humming bird on speed, but when I started listening to this interview - intending to throw  just a quick glance at "that Tommy Robinson of  EDL fame", I could not stop.

So THIS was the "extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeme rrrrright wing faaaaaaaaaaschist" the chattering classes described? THIS was the "English Defence League Nazi", so sneered at by those who have hijacked today's narrative?

Well now, after having listened to this man,  my respect for him is direct inverse proportion to the low one I have for his defamers. If one can be brave and wise at the same time, then this man is it. He has my unashamed admiration...listen and see what you think:

This documentary is made in Luton, the town in which Tommy Robinson lives. 

Update 1:
Thousand attended today. Thank you all for staying peaceful 

via twitter on 28.6.2013

some videos seem to have been deleted -  someone getting nervous perhaps?


  1. Well, guess I'm not a humming bird on speed! :-)
    I've listened to that looong interview in its entirety and I can only -one can only agree with what he says. Why so? Because it's just COMMON SENSE. He is only STATING THE FACTS.

    I can't believe what's happening and especially the (non-)reaction of the people, their looking the other way. That is suicidal, I think the majority of the people don't want to look further than what's happening immediately outside their skin. Or they look so far that it just doesn't mean anything to them, just feelgood ideas. They don't want to tackle the evil that's spreading before their eyes.

    They just don't want to think about it because they're confused now. In Europe (I'm French), we've been brainwashed for decades: to love your country, to be nationalistic is BAD (it's really really bad in France, it's not that bad in Britain though), it makes you an ugly racist.

    What this Tommy Robinson says is right and only common sense. He's just being lucid, and courageous for saying it out loud of course. The image of his country (and Western civilisation) SLEEPWALKING into oblivion is perfectly fit. But we are FORBIDDEN to think for ourselves, what we see, our governments declare we don't see. This, more than the demonic blood thirsty islamic herds, is absolutely scary.

    Thanks for sharing the video by the way!

  2. Hi Dee-Dee,
    Glad to see that some of us still have time to smell the winds of change ;)

    I have not experienced London myself, but spending part of the year in Europe, I am horrified at what I see going on there. And I fully agree with your points about Tommy Robinson.