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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

THAT Girls, is true Courage

 Three  women of the feminist group FEMEN disrobed in front of the Justice Ministry  in TUNIS yesterday to protest against the jailing of  their  Tunisian colleague  "Amina".

The trio, one German and two French, approached the entrance to the ministry wearing coats which they took off, revealing naked torsos scrawled with "Breasts Feed Revolution." Wearing just jean shorts, the women chanted in English "Free Amina" and "Women's spring is coming" as people in the crowd attempted to cover them. Full story here

There are moments e.g. when they storm the  Notre Dame de Paris  as they have done a couple of times lately,  when I loathe their actions (objectivity never was among my vices) - but what they did here took enormous courage. As my friend, Eeyore,  put it: "Whatever else this is, it took more balls than anyone had who was passing by the slaughter of the British Soldier last week"

Yes, this was true courage, and true solidarity! BRAVO GIRLS!

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