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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Class Photos in Merkel's Veiled Germany

Celal Cakar and Markus Kaminski published the following article on 15. July 2017 in Bild

"This HSC photo is a German success story. The high school graduates of the Duisburg Theodor-König-Gesamtschule are the proof that everyone in our country has the opportunity to education and success - if he uses them. (Note to self: dont say:  "except native Germans!")

Caption by "Bild Zeitung": 
"Passed! The 42 high-school graduates of the Duisburger Theodor-König-Gesamtschule proudly hold their final degrees in their hands"

"Duisburg - Their school has 80 percent of foreigners, its neighborhood is a social hotspot, but despite all difficulties, these 42 students of the Theodor-König-Gesamtschule in Duisburg-Beeck passed their high school diploma with bravura!
This class photo is a German success story!

"We stand for justice, respect, tolerance and acceptance of all people," says Dirk Winkelmann (62). He is proud of his students, who have probably met for the last time in their schoolyard. After 13 years of school, they have their HSC in their pockets, many plan to study."

I found this article on Resistance Republicaine who added: 

"This is proof that the neighbourhood has not yet completely toppled over into sharia, because once  it does, there will be only males in the picture, the veiled "bécasses" (*) being in their kitchens."

(*) I don't really have a good translation for this word ;)

And a propos the Islamic veil:

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