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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Génération Identitaire: DEFEND EUROPE (updated)

Updates will be posted at the end of this post
 for the duration of their Odyssey.

Being the Queen of Procrastination I have a long line of videos and posts lined up to be "sorted" . This video below should have been posted quite some time ago, and may have a little beard by now. I thank The Gates of Vienna for the editing and posting it in time. 

I’m a great fan of this young group (founded in France “Les Identitaires” and now with branches in Germany, Austria, Italy) but with their relatively “innocent” youthful enthusiasm, I am quite afraid for them – the enemy is nasty and potentially deadly. 

In German the word for Character Assassination is “Rufmord”, and the corrupt Merkel-Mob have done a great hatchet job on them. “Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme Rrrrrrrright” is one of the milder names they get, “Nazi” is the favourite. 

Their “non-violence” as compared to the fake “we-are-love-and-peaceness” of the assorted Left groups is REAL. And, unlike, for example, the “Antifa”, they are not financed by corrupt Governments and Soros – quite to the contrary: for their latest action “Defend Europe”, Banks and other financial organisations (even pay pal seems to dhimmify their services lately) have put every imaginable obstacle in their way – yet they prevailed. 

It’s THEIR future the corrupt politicians (and NGOs) are selling out.

Links to: 

Update 20.7.2017:

Update: August 2017

In English avec des sous-tîtres français

UPDATE: 14 August 2017

UPDATE 22. August 2017

UPDATE 23. August 2017

!!! SUCCESS !!!

These brave European Patriots deserve our thanks and our help (*). Most of the so-called Non-Government-Organisations (NGO) were financed by some rather dubious sources with a vested interest in flooding Europe with millions of people (not refugees) from the third world, such as Soros, the EU, and the UN. And yes, despite their claims of being "NON" Government Organisations, some "Governments" did help with these large scale people smuggling operations in one way or another. Looking at you Merkel et al !

In this video, our brave young Identitaires are sending these fake "refugee rescuers" on their way with the words of the Captain of the Libyan Coast Guards: 


(*) Published on Aug 23, 2017  by "Defend Europe"

🇬🇧 Report on the successes of the Defend Europe mission, by the crew who led it. 
You can still support our campaign here: https://www.wesearchr.com/…/defend-eu...

🇫🇷 Bilan des succès de la mission Defend Europe par l'équipage qui l'a menée.
Vous pouvez toujours soutenir notre action ici : https://www.wesearchr.com/…/defend-eu...

🇩🇪 Bericht der Crew von Defend Europe über den Erfolg der Mission. 
Du kannst unsere Mission immer noch unter folgendem Link unterstützen: https://www.wesearchr.com/…/defend-eu...

🇮🇹 Resoconto dei successi della missione Defend Europe da parte dell'equipaggio che l'ha condotta. 
Potete ancora supportare la nostra campagna qui: https://www.wesearchr.com/…/defend-eu...

Incidentally, the above links for donations to this courageous "Defend Europe" group seem to be broken. Is it the dirty work of the vested interest behind the people smugglers? They seem to have eager helpers in the Finance branches like Pay Pal etc. who are at the moment closing sites that fight for the preservation of our Western Culture and against Fake News and Jihad. Targets included Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch and the excellent German site: Politically Incorrect, to mention but 2 of the bigger ones. 


"The C-Star returned from her mission to disembark the crew in Malta. This island has become the HQ of the NGOs, funnelling thousands of illegals to Europe. But for us they suddenly closed their ports, denying Europeans repatriation. On top of that, they denied us any drinking water. But brave Maltese patriots broke this crazy embargo of their prime minister ! "

The people of Malta, at least the Patriots who helped our men are good folk. However it will come as no surprise that their Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat,   is a Leftist and so probably wishes the death of conservatives and patriots as is the want of the modern Left who gave us the violent Antifa, the racist "BlackLivesMatter" and Democrat-voting thugs who march through the streets of New York calling for the murder of Police, and more. 


This Post will be updated for as long as these brave young men are at sea. Yes I said "MEN" because they have not yet been emasculated into one of the 50 + genders invented by bored bullies in academe  and  they are  intelligent enough to know, that their action of defending Europe would be doubly dangerous for women, seeing into which stormy seas they sail (if I may use a  slightly purple metaphor). 


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