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Friday, 22 November 2013

French Hero: No Stockholm Syndrome here!

This interview got more under my skin than any other of its kind.

Is it because this ex-hostage of islamists escaped all by himself? Is it because he arrived back in France without the fanfares, cameras and politicians in tow we have come to expect when French hostages return alive from their captivity? Is it because he gave his first interview not to the very trendy Chanel Fr.2 who seems to have the monopoly on everything these days (being such a nicely conformist media outlet, parked sagely on the left), but to the more conservative and less fashionable canal Fr.1 ?(*) Is it because Francis Collomp seems so  unassuming and in control (until the end of the interview)?

It's probably all of he above to a point, but what really makes me look on this man as a Hero, despite his stated reluctance to be seen as such, is that, unlike nearly all other ex-hostages, this man has not fallen victim to the Stockholm Syndrome.

  Merci à  fdesouche for posting the French version.

Va pensiero” English Translation
Hasten thoughts on golden wings.

Hasten and rest on the densely wooded hills,
where warm and fragrant and soft
are the gentle breezes of our native land! 
The banks of the Jordan we greet
and the towers of Zion.
O, my homeland, so beautiful and lost!
O memories, so dear and yet so deadly! 
Golden harp of our prophets,
why do you hang silently on the willow?
Rekindle the memories of our hearts,
and speak of the times gone by! 
Or, like the fateful Solomon,
draw a lament of raw sound;
or permit the Lord to inspire us
to endure our suffering!

(*) Although the original interview was given to Fr.1, this extract was from the daily news broadcast on Fr.2

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