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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A real leader of the free world emerges:

The Canadian Prime Minister: 

"Canada supports Israel because it is right to do so"

Stephen Harper, I salute You ! 
(again **)


Bravo !  I am neither Canadian nor Jewish, yet I am so proud of both these people cutting through the ugly slush that oozes from increasingly fattened herds of poisoned dwarfs and their cowardly, corrupted political "Führers".

While I let the "Middle East" benefit from my racism of low expectations, I will give no quarter to the  allegedly "civilised" West and its cowardly Führers. They will not be indicted for their corruption in the near future, far too many organisations like the UN give them sufficient false alibis,  but they will stand condemned by history just as the Judases, the Chamberlains and Hitlers do now.


This^^^ is an edited version of a historical speech that will make this brave Canadian Prime Minister no doubt a target for the sneer-and-smear media and, even more dangerously, for the assorted Jew haters in whatever disguise they come. You can see the unedited speech, including interjections from Arab members of the Knesset (*) (yes, Virginia, there are Arab members in the Israeli government) that were as loud as they were untrue here.



(*) False claims by Israeli-Arab Knesset heckler revealed  here   and  here. 

(**) Here is an article  that shows among other interesting points, that Australia has a new Government now.

PS: by the way:

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