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Monday, 16 February 2015

Danish Muslims celebrate "their Hero with heart of gold"

Even after yet  another poignant candle vigil, this time in Denmark , I resisted to cover it here. And I decided to continue with my  not posting pictures of all these flowers laid out  on all these places in memory of all those  Islamic-Terror-victims. At the risk of sounding heartless, I find these ostentatious displays of  public circle-onanisme vulgar, and consider these exhibitionistic declarations of forgiveness and tolerance for "the other"  far from "noble" and "civilised". Have these crowds ever asked the dead victims if  this "generosity towards the killers and their ilk" might perhaps feel  like a slap in their faces? 

BUT, something did come out of all those flower-laying remembrance ceremonies: Muslims have now started to imitate us:  

Have a look at this MUST SEE video: 

I have had enough of this "tending the other cheek" caper.  (Sorry Jesus, but I do!) I dont want to "forgive" and "reach out" to those bastards, euphemistically and misleadingly referred to as  "lonely wolves", "unbalanced, misunderstood, ostracised youth". And I feel a deep contempt for the cowardly  "nothing-to-do-with-Islam" politicians who hand out Paper Nationalities like confetti in the hope of getting their votes.

After the islamic terrorist attack in Sydney's Market Place, before the bodies of the slain were  cold yet, someone even started an insulting hashtag campaign, not to protect the likely victims of islamic terror in the making, but to protect Muslims against the famous Backlash from the non-believers, that never comes: "I'll ride with you" was the schmaltzy title of this insulting exercise. It offered to "ride on the train with muslims, so that they should not be in danger".  

This indecently public exercise was praised as the "height of generous tolerance" and a proof that "we are oh-so-civilised" by the usual compassionistas who are as fake as they are lazy: how easy is it to start a hashtag campaign and feel oh-just-sooooo-good-about-one-self, and how much more easy even is it to follow, as proven by the fact that this one became an internet hit overnight. 

As for myself, I followed this more honest version of the "I'll ride with you" hashtag.

I am indebted to VladTepesBlog for the Copenhagen video, the picture above and even the choice of music today.

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