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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Hillary Clinton broke this mother's heart

I challenge you not to be touched by this mother's testimony: emotional and subjective? My oath! But wouldn't you be emotional and subjective too in her case?

And yet in the "comments" below the You-tube video I read this vomit  by someone with the nick "Tantrum Talks":

"Although I feel bad for her loss, her voice and appearance is pretty weird and sounds disabled!" (my bolds and: note to self: don't be a grammar nazi!)

Spoken like a true Democrats voter, I think. And suddenly I feel afraid, very afraid that Hillary Clinton's string-pullers  and with them the dark side will win this most important election of all.....

h/t VladTepes

What music to play after that ?  

Moving away from the expected Funeral Songs  for Fallen Soldiers and etching closer to what I imagine this grieving mother's feelings might be... now and to her last breath...let me give you this most exquisite rendition of the  unforgettable W.H. Auden poem "Funeral Blues":


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