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Monday, 12 November 2012


Les enfants palestiniens manipulés et mis en scène dans les manifestations

This video was released a few days ago with French sub-titles. As I have no idea how to "dub" a video, I'll be pedestrian and just translate, as best as I can, the text:

@ 0.02 Minute:
Every week demonstrators meet at Nabi Saleh. They are mostly under 16 y.o.

@ 0.13: They provoke the Israeli soldiers, hoping for a violent reaction.

@ 0:24:  In some cases, these children are sent to the demonstrations by their own parents.

@ 0.32:  Parents are poised, ready to film the slightest confrontation.

@ 0.43: Adults push the children into the faces of the soldiers, hoping for a violent reaction.

@ 0.56: The little girl waits for the presence of a camera man to put herself into "position".

@ 1:07: the Israeli soldiers, trained for this type of provocation, remain indifferent.

@ 1:12: "Please share this video, because the main media will not show it.

Quote of the day:  
"….you are a journalist and your kind doesn't set off bombs, 
your kind acts as the propaganda corps for those who set off bombs."

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