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Friday, 7 December 2012

Rockets into Roses

Although this post  is an  advertisement (of sorts), it’s certainly not a paid one, I just LOVE the story and I think it It shows  the quintessence of those two sides soooo clearly.

Over 12,000 Kassam (Qassam) Rockets have been fired into southern Israel in the last 8 years(*), deliberately targeting Israeli civilians, causing chaos, destruction and death. An entire generation of children has been traumatized by the terror of ongoing rocket attacks. Israeli cities such as Sderot and Ashkelon continue to be in real danger...

(*) Both videos are nearly 4 years old and things, if anything,  have deteriorated since the so-called “Arab Spring”.

Hand sculpted roses, candlesticks and menorahs crafted from actual Kassam Rockets that landed in Israel, symbolize the perseverance of the people of Israel. Living symbols of Israel's endurance in the face of Hamas and Islamic terror. Yaron Bob, an Israeli artist, who understands what it means to live in the shadow of terror, has found his way of transforming objects of war into expressions of peace. He creates metal art sculptures that blossom with hope: A magnificent rose with a mission.

...and while  the Jewish artists make roses out of the deadly rockets, HAMAS Arabs, these favorite “victims” of the media  name their children “in honour of these deadly rockets”.

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