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Thursday, 24 October 2013

München, Musik & Mosleme

I told you before, I am an unashamed fan of alliteration ;)


(...as seen through the rose-coloured glasses of a travelog)



(...as heard through the rose-coloured ears of this native Bavarian)


...as  experienced physically by a man who wears no rose-coloured glasses.  In fact, after they were broken violently, on his face, he now wears in lieu of glasses the bloody mark of a man who has the courage to speak up for his country, in the face of politicians, media and onlookers, who seem to be every bit as cowardly and/or malignant today as they were just an average human life span ago.

Sheik Yermami from Winds of Jihad describes this brave and passionate man  at  Vlad Tepes like so:

"Michael Stuerzenberger is one of the most courageous men in Europe today. Every Saturday, and sometimes during the week, come rain or shine, he is out there in Munich’s town centre to warn people about the spread of Islam and the planned mega mosque/Islamic centre in Munich, which has to be a symbol of conquest, larger than the largest church, so that the howling of the muezzin can terrorise the people over loudspeakers and rouse the believers to fight. Stuerzenberger recently had his bank accounts terminated and the mayor of Munich, a certain Mr Uhde, has given warnings to publicans not to host Stuerzenberger and his fellow freedom fighters, which is a form of state sanctioned terror against an upstanding citizen..."

You can find a written transcript of this video on Gates of Vienna


Just found this picture of Michael Stuerzenberger,
on PI
I love it,
no wonder the haters hate him.

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