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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Postcard from "Apartheid" Hebron

So, this is "apartheid"?

I bet this photo will not be shown, let alone make the title page, of any media outside Israel. This wouldn't fit in with the narrative of "Israel and the Jews are bad m'kay".

Palestinian child hurts himself: Israeli soldier tends to it.

Europe-Israel writes:

"...la photo a été prise ce matin, dans une ville qualifiée d’ « apartheid » par les médias occidentaux: Hébron. L’enfant s’est blessé. Tsahal l’a soigné."

"...this photo was taken this morning in a city accused of "apartheid" by Western medias: Hebron. The (palestinian) child hurt himself. Tsahai teds to it."

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