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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Christians welcome in Israel

A little telling-it-how-it-is:

A little Schubert:
The text in case you want to sing along:

A little geography: 

See that little red spot? That's Israel. The  countries around it in green are Arab and/or Muslim countries, mostly hostile with the exception perhaps of Egypt since they have cleaned out  Obama's beloved Muslim Brotherhood. Iran, with their very pronounced apocalyptic tendencies is the most dangerous of dangerous countries for Israel and the rest of the world. 

A little finger-pointing:

As the priest in the video said: The only country where Christians are safe is Israel. In the surrounding Muslim countries they are - at best "tolerated" ie living in defacto (and not so defacto) dhimmitude, if they are not decapitated, crucified or otherwise massacred. 

A little "occupation": 

HOWEVER, let's not facts get in the way of defaming the only democracy in that corner of the world  and: 

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